Upcoming Litters

Congrats! Bella and Jackson are honeymooning!

 Bella (whos pictured here in her summer look) is about 48 pounds and 20.5 inches tall.  She is a F1 standard English Goldendoodle. Jackson is a mutigen Australian Labradoodle from Southerncharm Labradoodles. Thankyou Carol Dean! These pups are due around March 8th, 2019. and will be large mediums to small standards in reds and apricots with some white trim. They also will have amazing fleece coats. Bellas ultrasound will be scheduled the first week of Febuary to confirm pregnancy! Both dogs are fully health tested!

Congrats! Chloe and Benz are honeymooning!

We can't wait to meet these pups! They are due around Match 9th, 2019. Chloe is a  multigen mini double doodle (Goldendoodle labradoodle) and weighs 17lbs. Benz is a dark red 30lb mini Australian Labradoodle. Chloes ultrasound will be done the first week of Febuary to confirm pregnancy! These pups will be adorable and have amazningly soft fleece coats like their parents! 

Benz is a gorgeous mini red labradoodle. Thanks Southern Charm Labradoodles!


Charlie and Bandit are honeymooning! 

We are so excited to annouce that Charlie is expecting 3 puppies. Her pups are due around January 12th, 2019! 

Charlie's wait list!



Congrats to Maggie Mae and Pilot!

Maggie Mae gave birth to 4 beautiful, healthy pups on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018. They made gorgeous 15-25 pound doubledoodles (aussiedoodle/labradoodle)! Check out the puppies here! There is a guardian puppy available from this litter. 

Maggie Mae's List

1. Possible Guardian  
2. Reed Family  
3. Wood Family  
4. Dawson Family  



We will be placing families on specific waiting lists when  pregnancies have been confirmed.  Once you select your puppy and take them home, your name will be removed from the master list. Please let us know if you have any questions!


 Master Waiting List


1.  Brooks Family

Atlanta, GA

 Med/Standard Goldendoodle

2.  Cooper Family 

Myrtle Beach, SC Standard Goldendoodel -Annabelle / Axeman

3.  Rivers Family 

SC mini to medium Goldendoodle - Belle

4. Butler Family 

Atlanta, GA mini aussiedoodle

5. Levine Family

  Piper litter

6. Warren Family

Canton, GA mini doodle

7. Stewart Family 

Gastonia, NC medium Aussiedoodle - female Shelby litter

8. Reis Family 

Atlanta, GA Medium-Small Standard/Belle (late 2018)

9. Altman Family 

Ridgeland, SC Shelby (will contact when ready)

10. (John) Dawson Family

Charlotte, NC Will contact when ready

11. Richardson Family (pending)

Vero Beach, FL  Shelby

12. Hayes Family 

Atlanta, GA mini aussiedoodle

13. Edwards Family 

Loganville, GA Guardian girl

14. Lubsey Family

Snellville, GA Mini goldendoodle

15. Schumacher Family 

  mini aussie- Naomi and Bandit

16. Linsky Family 

Tampa, Fl  Winston Clone- Spring 2019

17. (Michael) Dawson Family

Derby, KS mini aussiedoodle (2019)

18. Wilkinson Family 

Brooks, GA mini to small medium Goldendoodle female- spring or summer 2019

19. Insegna Family

  Chloe reserve 

20. Kuniansky Family

Clarksville, GA small, male aussiedoodle- Mandy and Shaggy (guardian?)

21. Blank Family 

Atlanta  Rally Donation pup- medium goldendoodle 

22. Coker Family

Lawrenceville, GA Goldendoodle

23. Vincent Family

Atlanta, GA Daisy

24. Andrade Family (pending)

Atlanta, GA Ella (6 months-1 year)

25. Kaufman Family 

Atlanta, GA Daisy & Walter

26. Lancaster Family 

Evans, GA small-medium goldendoodle

27. Allen Family 

Atlanta, GA Standard Aussiedoodle- Summer 2019

28. Dobbins Family 

Covington, GA Daisy & Walter- male 

29. Kingsley Family


30. Reed Family

Lakeville, MA Maggie /pilot

31. Wood Family

Atlanta, GA Maggie Mae/Pilot

32. Chiluvuri Family

Cumming, GA Naomi/Bandit

33. Brown Family

Atlanta, GA goldendoodle

34. Mahota Family

Cumming, GA Red girl- Naomi 

35. Bassell Family

Cumming, GA 15-25lb goldendoodle or aussiedoodle

36. Himes Family

Midland, GA medium goldendoodle

37. Showalter Family

Madism, AL 30-45lb goldendoodle