Upcoming Litters

Welcome to the Abounding Grace Doodles' upcoming litter page!

Thank you for taking the time to check out the puppies we have here. This page is dedicated to all my litters that are currently on the ground and the ones that we're expecting. Click here to read how my puppy process works!


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Congrats to Shelby and Walter!

On May 3rd, 2019, Shelby gave birth to 8 beautiful, healthy puppies. They are going to be medium sized doubledoodles that will be able to go home the beginning of July! Check them out here!

Shelby's wait list!

1. Possible Guardian  
2. Wang Family                     
3. Holcombe Family (on 2 lists)  
4. Lipocky Family   
5. Cobb Family (pending)  


 Congrats to Daisy and Walter! 

 On May 9th, 2019, Daisy gave birth to 2 beautiful, healthy pups! They are going to be gorgeous mini-mediums. Check out their scrapbook here or watch them live on the puppy cam!


Daisy is living with her wonderful guardian family, the Maddens, in Acworth, GA! Here is what they had to say about her: "Daisy lives in Acworth, GA with her family of 5 humans, including 3 children. She has 2 fur family members at home as well. She is from Ella and Jocko's litter, so she is a multi-gen goldendoodle. She lives with her real fur mom, Ella, and her newly acquired fur friend, Georgia (goldendoodle). Daisy is a wonderful dog that has never met a stranger. I should have named her Happy because she never has a bad day and always has a smile on her face. She is so excited to meet new people and fur friends! She loves obedience training, long walks, playing fetch with balls and ear rubs! Daisy also has a beautiful easy coat to maintain! She has such a sweet, caring personality and I can't wait to see her take care of her puppies!"

Walter is living with his guardian family, the Trouts, and here is what they had to say about him: "Walter has been the most amazing, loving, and loyal addition to our family. He lives to love, please, and play. Walter is very intelligent and has an extreme amount of patience. He is very energetic but knows when to exercise his gentle side. Walter has so much personality, and he loves to share with everyone he meets!"

Daisy's wailist!

1. Possible Guardian                  
2. Dobbins Family  


Congrats to Chloe Grace and Abraham!

Chloe Grace gave birth to 5 beautiful, healthy pups on May 3rd, 2019! They are going to make gorgeous large minis to small mediums with beautiful fleece coats and amazing temperments. Check them out here!


Chloe Grace lives in East Tennessee with her wonderful guardian family, the Ingrahams, and this is what they had to say about her!- "Chloe is a 29 pound golden-labradoodle. She is full of love and gets very excited to see all people, children and animals. She loves to swim and dock jump. She loves balls and plays with them in unique ways. She is very intelligent and is a quick learner! Everyone she meets falls in love with this girl. She has been called 'quite the athlete' and is regularly referred to as Chloe Curly Pants!"

Thanks so much to Suwanee Goldendoodles for letting Abraham help make this amazing litter! You can find his health testing info here!

Chloe Grace's wait list

1. Possible Guardian                      
2. Ingraham Family  
3. Katz Family  
4. Ingraham Family  
5. Griffith Family  


Congrats to Mandy and Shaggy!

On April 30th, 2019, Mandy gave birth to 8 beautiful, healthy puppies. They are going to be medium aussiedoodles that will be able to go home the end of June Check them out here!

Mandy lives at home with her wonderful family and this is what they had to say about her!- "Mandy is full of love. Her joy for play is endless. She is the best outfielder when playing balll, will swim for hours and could be mistaken for a race horse when she runs. She is loved by all, especially the little ones."

Mandy's wait list

1. Possible Guardian    
2. Allen Family (male puppy)    
3. Holder Family (female puppy)    
4. Alls Family                                      


We will be placing families on specific waiting lists when  pregnancies have been confirmed. Once you select your puppy and take them home, your name will be removed from the master list. Please let us know if you have any questions!


 Master Waiting List


1. Brooks Family

Atlanta, GA

 Med/Standard Goldendoodle

2.  Cooper Family 

Myrtle Beach, SC Standard Goldendoodel -Annabelle / Axeman

3.  Rivers Family 

SC mini to medium Goldendoodle - Belle

4. Butler Family 

Atlanta, GA mini aussiedoodle

5. Levine Family

  Piper litter

6. Warren Family

Canton, GA mini doodle

7. Stewart Family 

Gastonia, NC medium Aussiedoodle - female Shelby litter

8. Reis Family 

Atlanta, GA Medium-Small Standard/Belle (late 2018)

9. Altman Family 

Ridgeland, SC Shelby (will contact when ready)

10. (John) Dawson Family

Charlotte, NC Will contact when ready

11. Richardson Family (pending)

Vero Beach, FL  Shelby

12. Hayes Family 

Atlanta, GA mini aussiedoodle

13. Edwards Family 

Loganville, GA Guardian girl

14. Lubsey Family

Snellville, GA Mini goldendoodle

15. Linsky Family 

Tampa, Fl  Winston Clone- Spring 2019

16. Coker Family

Lawrenceville, GA Goldendoodle

17. Kaufman Family 

Atlanta, GA Daisy & Walter

18. Allen Family 

Atlanta, GA Standard Aussiedoodle- Summer 2019- Mandy & Shaggy (prefer male)

19. Dobbins Family 

Covington, GA Daisy & Walter- male 

20. Brown Family

Atlanta, GA goldendoodle from Lydia

21. Himes Family

Midland, GA medium goldendoodle- Fall 2019

22. Weber Family 

Lawrenceville, GA early 2020-curly, around 30 lbs

23. Brosius Family

Marietta, GA Aussiedoodle- winter 2019

24. Lynch Family

Greensboro, GA 30 lbs full grown doodle- Lilly

25. Katz Family

Atlanta, GA



26. Pierson Family

Alpharetta, GA Lilly/ Benz

27. Holder Family 

  Mandy/Shaggy litter

28. Wang Family

  Shelby or Chloe Grace

29. Holcombe Family

  Shelby or Chloe Grace
30.  Lipocky Family   


31. Griffith Family Atlanta, ga. 

mini doodle

32. Alls Family

Dallas, GA  

33. Cobb Family (pending)


34. VanLandingham (pending)